About Us

Our aim is to help you find your ideal “Place in the Sun”. There are many reasons to consider Central Portugal if you are looking for a holiday home or place to retire to.

- Property prices are very much lower than the U.K. Skilled builders are inexpensive here.
- Cost of living is typically half to a third of the cost of living in the U.K.
- U.K. pensions, including winter fuel allowances are paid in full here.
- Roads are not over crowded and driving is a pleasure here

The properties advertised on this website are with the consent of the Vendor and Agents, if you want to advertise on our website you can do so free of charge. Should you wish to view we can arrange viewings and accommodation. If you decide to buy, we can arrange an English speaking solicitor to help you with your purchase.

If you need help with builders, we can help you obtain quotes with any job no matter how small (or large) if you are unable to be on hand, allow us to liaise on your behalf.